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Increasing Your Blog Traffic by Planting Seeds

How I wish I had a crystal ball for my Internet Marketing business. Lately I have been doing so much promoting for driving traffic to my blog it’s unreal! It might even be considered madness, if I had not been tracking what I have been doing.

Mostly I have been using free blog traffic methods to get more traffic to my blog. As I try to drive more traffic to my blog it’s often hard to keep pushing myself without knowing what the results will be, kinda like marketing methods in the dark. When you are following  proven methods to get blog traffic, they ARE time consuming but they DO work.

Now you might not see results immediately, but don’t despair. Over the past few weeks I have been blogging traffic by visiting other blogs, I am actually really glad I used that method because not only have I increased traffic to my blog, I have also leaned a whole lot of tips and strategies that will help me progress my online business, all for free too I might add.

The most important thing to remember, and keep you motivated is that you need to give your little blog traffic seeds time to develop and grow.

Remember every time you:

Leave a comment on a blog
Submit your website / blog or RSS feed to a directory
Add a helpful reply in a forum
Create a Squidoo lens page
Publish an article
Upload a video to YouTube
Or generate backlinks to your site

You are planting lots of little blog driving traffic seeds.

Seeds that will eventually grow and generate you a whole load of traffic. The good seeds wont dry up and die, they will continue driving traffic to your blog for many days, weeks, months and even years to come. So ideally we all want more blog traffic that’s for sure, the more visitors we get the more chance we will have to make sales right?

Like I said blog traffic seed planting can be very time consuming but you really do reap what you sow. Now maybe there will be a few “bad” traffic seeds that don’t blossom and grow into a big traffic tree, but that’s OK if you know which seeds are the bad ones.

That’s why you simply must be looking at your traffic stats.

My mentor and coach Alex Jeffreys explained in a coaching session to myself and my fellow students about the 80/20 rule. So if we apply that to traffic generation this means:

At first, 80% of your efforts will bring 20% of your traffic. But once you know which methods, or traffic seeds, are bringing you the most traffic, you can focus on them and it changes the rule to being:

20% of your efforts will bring 80% of your traffic.

I hope I explained that correctly, it’s how I understood the 80/20 rule anyway. Without knowing where your traffic is coming from, this means you could be sowing a whole crop of bad seeds. You could be spending hours and hours trying traffic generation methods that simply don’t bring you any return on your time and ultimately send no traffic at all to your site.

I hate statistics, tracking and split testing.

But I do it because I have to know my numbers or everything is a waste of my time. If you are not aware of your numbers or stats how on earth are you going to improve on them? Guesswork has no place in an online business. The very first thing you must do at the least is install Google Analytics onto your web pages, be it a blog or a website page you own. One of the best things I have ever done to aid the success of my own online business was to install Google Analytics.

When I enter my Google analytics access page, now I can see:

Real statistics on the traffic to my site.
Real statistics on how the traffic found my site.
Real statistics on who / or which sites are referring traffic to me.
Real statistics on the most post popular pages of my site.
And so much more.

Do you think this is beneficial to my online business to know all these stats?

Of course it is. For my blog traffic generation, I can immediately see the good seeds I have sown. The seeds that are sending me lots of traffic. I would say that you shouldn’t jump the gun, and ditch a particular method of traffic generation immediately. Give your traffic seeds some time to grow, not everything you do will grow at the same time or speed. Some traffic generation methods will produce immediate results, others will gradually increase over a period of time.

But without knowing your stats, you just won’t know. You need to get educated, get Google Analytics installed on all of your sites, blogs and web pages today. Once you add this powerful free tool to your resources you can ensure you only plant the good traffics seeds that mature into a giant traffic tree.


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